By Pastor Steve Kelly / Books /

(Adapted from Caleb Generation: Take Your Mountain At Any Age, by Steve Kelly)

Have you ever done something without having a passion for it? That’s a pretty easy question, right? No one lives for very long before he or she is required to do something they either don’t care to or want to do.

Of course, depending on the type of activity, you may have had the option to drop out. If it was a recreational activity or hobby, it’s likely not a big deal to quit, so long as you keep your word and do what you agreed to do. Many things in life are optional, and trying new things doesn’t mean you have to continue them for the rest of your life. Some things, however, are required; and developing passion while doing them can make a world of difference, both for you and those around you.

Whether at school, at work, or at home, we all have things we have to do. If our attitude brings passion, we will keep our energy high and our performance strong. If our attitude lacks passion, we will deplete our strength and drain our joy.

Of all life’s requirements, the most important for keeping your passion high is your relationship with God. Even though He’s our source and the Creator of the world, it’s not always easy to remain passionate for Him, especially when He is asking us to do something that is inconvenient or sacrificial. When we are tired, frustrated, or disappointed, we must remember our walk with God is not optional. It is essential. Here’s a harder question: How do you respond to God when you don’t “feel” passionate?
Do you give up? Do you “take a break” from church? I pray not. And this prayer is not just for you. It’s for the influence you have on everyone who is a part of your life. Your relationship with God and the example that you set is on display. Your family sees it, your coworkers see it, even the cashier at your local grocery store sees it.

What do they see? Are you excited about life? Are you passionate about the opportunity to wake up to another day? Or do you mumble and complain? Do you gripe and grumble? What is your level of passion? Your passion for God and for His calling in your life will determine the fruit of your life and your longevity in leading others to Him.

Passion transcends age, experience, and demographic categories. It overcomes physical suffering and weakness. Passion is defined as “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” We most often see passion displayed in the behaviors of small children. They haven’t learned that they need to stifle their joy or even anger see here now. They are simple, innocent, and determined. Their hearts are still full of passion and life.

If our hearts remain full of passion and life, there is no limit to what God will do through us. Passion enables people to overcome obstacles, critics, and negativity. In Joshua 14:11, Caleb is described as “still as strong today as the day Moses sent…” him. When those words were written, Caleb was 85 years old! His daily walk with God kept Caleb full of passion and strength to fulfill his potential and lead his family to a great inheritance. Walk with God, even when you’re tired, and He will restore your passion!