By Pastor Steve Kelly / Books /

(Adapted from Choose: Your Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny, by Steve Kelly)

Everything we see and experience is a result of words. Creation itself was a result of the words of God. In the same way, our environment is a creation of our words and the words of those around us. Words have enormous power.

Words can determine our actions and show those around us what we desire most. Stop and consider the reality of the power of your words. What is your confession about yourself? About your family? What do you say when things don’t work according to your plans?

Do you notice the difference kind words, gentle words, inspiring words can make? The Bible tells us to renew our mind. This means to make our thoughts more like God’s. Guess what comes from our thoughts? Our words. What if we made an effort, a resolution to have our words be more like God’s. What if we renewed our speech?

Luke 6:45b (NLT) tells us, “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” No matter what we do, over time, what we think will come out in our words. Our speech identifies us and sets us apart. Just as people recognize where you are from by geographically-based accents, your language also tells others where you are from spiritually, and the source of your thought life.

Have you ever been around someone who seems to point of the negative side in every situation? These people see the glass as half empty. Have you ever been around people who always seem optimistic and are hopeful in any season? Which one do you prefer to spend time around?

Of course, we all prefer to be around the person who sees and speaks the best in every situation. Since we prefer to be around that person, we should be that person. It’s a choice. If it’s still hard for you to speak the positive, start by not speaking negative. Hold your tongue the next time you’re tempted to belittle or insult someone. I heard a great quote once about this – “Remember not only to say the right thing, but far more difficult still, leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment losartan potassium 50 mg.”

After awhile, you’ll discover that you’ve replaced negative speech with silence. Fill your mind with God’s words and thoughts, and soon you’ll replace the silence with positive speech. Stay active in this pursuit. It will become a habit. Choose renewed speech and you’ll discover life far more powerful, creative, and influential than you imagined.